Humanitarian Travel

For my entire adult life, I have been putting together ministry trips. It started in my early days as a music teacher and taking dozens of students on music tours. Then, there was 18 years of vocational Youth Ministry which eventually included three short-term mission trips every summer. One each for junior high, high school and college/ young adults. For the better part of the past decade, I have been a Missions Pastor. I have planned most details for dozens of trips all over the world including taking junior high students into the Grand Canyon and Native American Nations. I have guided dozens of high-school students to inner-city New-York, Mexico, New Orleans, San Francisco and many other places. I have lead young adults to Guatemala, Uganda, and northern India. I have been blessed to trek adults through the Himalayas, run a camp in the Philippines, and help plant churches in Mexico and Southwest Asia. I understand the ins and outs of working with humanitarian organizations as well as foreign and national missionaries.

If you are desiring to take a team on a short-term trip and can’t imagine trying to spend the time figuring out the logistics of housing, transportation, and team development. I am uniquely qualified to help you. I plan to continue to lead short-term trips with my home church. I love helping people help people. Let me take some of the the burden off you.


We have traveled with Allen on many group trips over the years.  Most of these trips were with 20-30 youth as youth leaders.  Allen has always had every detail taken care of, from travel,  to food, to schedules for service projects or fun down time for the kids  We just basically showed up and served along side the youth.

– Sheri