Itinerary Building

Over the past two decades I have had the privilege of traveling all over the world. However, Europe has been where most of our international travel has taken us. We have been multiple times to Turkey, the UK, France, Switzerland and especially Italy. Every time we have traveled to these places, I have painstakingly arranged every detail. It has been a hobby for me. Little did I know that it would pave the way for a new chapter in my life as a Travel Advisor.

While I have tons of experience in Europe, know that I can book and often save money and/or add perks to any hotel stay anywhere on earth. That also applies to tours, and ground transportation. The network of industry knowledge I have at my disposal through FORA is endless. 

That being said, the continent I understand the best is Europe. I understand how things work there and have far greater networking and knowledge of this continent from Istanbul to Edinburgh, Copenhagen to Sicily, I can build A-Z trip itineraries, smoothing out all times and dates and where you need to be. I can work with any budget, and I guarantee that my planning fee will be worth your while saving you valuable time and usually getting you discounts that you could not get on your own.

My planning fee is $50 for every day I schedule on your trip. That is per-family, not per-person. You will see below the testimonies of people who have had trips planned out by me.

Prebuilt Itineraries

Looking for an itinerary that requires no planning on your part? Check out my pre-built itineraries:

Itinerary Examples:

My Planning Fee Includes

  • Listening to you carefully to collect your thoughts and wishes, ensuring that they are included in your trip
  • Building you a smooth and seamless itinerary
  • Planning and reserving your housing.
  • Planning and reserving your transportation.
  • Planning and purchasing a transportation with airlines, trains and shuttles.
  • Planning and purchasing your tours.
  • Adding perks when available.
  • Checking with you every step of the way.
  • Arranging trip protection and traveler’s medical insurance.
  • I will use your cards, so you don’t lose precious points.
  • You will never pay more by using me. I get commissions from the places and activities I book.


Holly and I asked Allen to help us with our itinerary for a quickly upcoming trip to London.  We have never been to England.  We are needing to be at one rural location for a wedding and another for being nearer to the city.   At first, I was doubtful that having a travel agent plan the trip would save us money.  I believed it would just be helpful in the planning stage alone.  I was wrong.  Allen patiently checked airfare for over a week and secured the flights when the prices dropped nearly $800!  Also, Allen contacted the hotel and was able to reduce the cost of our hotel significantly.  On top of all this, he planned each day of our trip for us so that we know what each day will look like, with time for rest already planned in.  He is so thoughtful and his experience traveling to the areas we are going to is priceless.  I will recommend him to my family and friends without hesitation.  Anytime we travel in the future, Allen will be the first person I call!

– Travis

We had been to Italy in the past, visiting all the touristy places. It wasn’t top on my places to return to, but when Allen asked us to join he and his wife on a 3 week trip to Italy, there was no doubt that we wanted to go.  He asked us for input, but we totally trusted his judgement, and told him to plan whatever.  Allen is an expert at staying within budget and yet not scrimping on experience.  We traveled to places that are mostly frequented by Italians.  We experienced the food, people and beauty of the country that I do not believe we would have experienced on any other tour.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime all thanks to Allen and his amazing attention to detail and research for great “deals.”  I would not hesitate to schedule another trip with him.  In fact I’m sure there will be more!

– Sheri