Pre-Built Itineraries

This section reflects itineraries that require no planning on your part. If the trip is appealing to you as is, you simply contact me and upon payment I will book everything listed on the chosen itinerary. All that is left for you is to book your RT flights from your country of origin, get to your hotel and back at the end of your trip. All transportation within the itinerary is included as is your accommodations including breakfast, and all tours and attractions listed. All other food, and trip protection or traveler’s health insurance are not covered. Just fill out the intake form and let me know which trip you’d like to take.

Also, another way to experience a no-brainer vacation is to travel to one of the thousands of world-wide all-inclusive resorts. You just pick a location, give me a budget and I will take care of the rest. All-inclusive resorts typically include your room, all meals and resort entertainment. They are usually filled with wonderful amenities and more-often-than-not located on a fabulous stretch of beach in a tropical location. Common locations for All-inclusive resorts are found throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica. The reason these trips are so relaxing is that they require little, if any decision making once you are there. Almost everything is already paid for. You may choose to do an excursion or eat in town, but that’s about it.

Finally, some people truly enjoy the finer things in life. There is a section for luxury travel with five-star resorts, personal drivers and private tours. Again, I will take care of all of the details. For these trips, I will include booking your origin country flights. (Travel agents don’t get paid for booking airfare.)

All pre-built itineraries have my planning fee built into the cost.

Pre-Built Itinerary Examples:

My Planning Fee Includes

  • Listening to you carefully to collect your thoughts and wishes, ensuring that they are included in your trip
  • Building you a smooth and seamless itinerary
  • Planning and reserving your housing.
  • Planning and reserving your transportation.
  • Planning and purchasing a transportation with airlines, trains and shuttles.
  • Planning and purchasing your tours.
  • Adding perks when available.
  • Checking with you every step of the way.
  • Arranging trip protection and traveler’s medical insurance.
  • I will use your cards, so you don’t lose precious points.
  • You will never pay more by using me. I get commissions from the places and activities I book.